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Zoo Field Trip Video

Earth and Space Unit Physical Science Unit Life Science Unit

                  Earth and Space Science                                                         a                   

Water Scarcity Article  and   Crossword puzzle

Earth Resources    fr 

Extra Credit Activities:

Google Earth FT 2

Google Earth Field Trip

Crazy Google Earth Extra Credit:
4- orange tickets.
Atmosphere activity Energy Kids
Create your own "Google Earth Scavenger Hunt:


Polar Nights activity Mr. Fugate's Scavenger Hunt

Energy Scavenger Hunt: (use the links at the bottom of the page.
Test Your Water Sense Game The Sun Tracker

Earth Sun and Moon:


The Reason for the Season's Poster activity.
Student Google Earth Scavenger Hunts:

Cooper S.

Why do these things Happen:


Sun, Earth and Moon:


Mrs. Dinton

Earth Sun and moon scavenger hunt.
eA The Water Cycle Song


Nova Video about the Sun

Interactive Web sites for Planets:
Lots of different games to play to practice for your test.
Build a model of the Universe

Solar System Scavenger hunt ($20)

-Print out worksheet

How much do you weigh? Views of the Solar System: Space Scavenger Hunt ($15)
Solar System WebQuest Hubble Images

Voyager Animation

Click Picture of Voyager to watch.

Mars in a Minute: Planet's Contration game Solar System Globes to build
Windows to the Universe Astronauts in Space Planet Comparisons
Planet Scavenger Hunt:= $20
fifth grade bucks:

Physical Science Unit:

Light and Sound:


Design Process/Motion

Egg Drop Videos and Pictures

Chalk Fugate Schlensker
Print Pictures from Walgreens
Click Here
Print Pictures from Walgreens
Click Here
Print Pictures from Walgreens
Click Here
Test Review materials
Mr. Fugate's Power Point:

Design and Motion PPT:

Design and Motion in PDF

Remember, look at these web sites to get ideas and to see some needed materials that you may need to get. I will supply straws and balloons, tape, and really anything I can find, but you need to bring stuff you'd like to use.

How to build Balloon Cars
Balloon Powered Car How to buid a Rocket Racer
Images of various cars:  
Physics Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Rocket Sled

Other forces Activities

Measuring Motion

Convert Feet per second (FPS) to
Miles per Hour (MPH
Science Homework:

Air Practice Test

Week of Nov. 9th

 Week of Nov. 16th                       
                                             Week of Dec. 1st                                                        
Your Eyes: - The Article on line; Colors of Light:

Click here to learn a bit about Dogs vision.
Mission: Space Jump
Activity coming Tuesday Activity on  Tuesday Activity is attached to the above article.

Want to do some home experiments?

Try these?

Mr. Fugate's You Tube Channel
Human Body Weather Energy

National Geographic Cool Animal Videos

Crossword Maker

Biome Scavenger Hunt


Plants and Producers


 Producers, Consumers, and decomposers

Biome Web Sites:

Rabbits and Wolves:

Animal Defenses and Adaptions
Or Here

Virtural Owl Pellet dissection

Environmental Awareness Page

Ecosystem Scavenger hunt Great Lakes Formation

What Tree is that?

Tree Dichotomous

Ohio Tree Identification

Animal Skulls Page

More excellent information on Wood:

Click Here

Contributed by
Alyssa Britton's
7th Grade Science

Tree Identification

(contributed by: Sarah @ valleybookclub.com)

Trees Used in Furniture

-Great information in PDF format.

Dichotomous Key


print out first page, use the preceding web pages to answer the questions.

Skull Match

Animal Creation Project

Endangered Species Websites

World Wild Life site Animal Fact Guide: Endangered Kids Planet  Endangered Earth's Endangered Enchanted learning



Electricity Circuits


Energy Scavenger hunt Electricity scavenger Hunt
The Energy Story

Wonderful World:


Short Story
Disco Fiasco Solar Ovens: Make one!!

Pizza Box Solar Oven: Easy

YouTube video on building a Pizza box Solar Oven

S'more Photos, Click Here



Skeletal System:

Match the bone pg.

Skeletal System Games:

-Whack a bone

-Match a bone...

Skeletal System Quiz
Bone matching Game
Skeletal System Scavenger hunt: $50 bucks

Skeletal System Scavenger Hunt

-Answer the Questions on the page provided and earn $100 fifth grade bucks.


Weather is no longer a 5th Grade Curriculum item, but these sites are still interesting.



Scholastic Weather Information Weather Here and There Make your own Weather Station  
Miami Museum Of Science: Weather Dan's Wild Weather Page

Extra Credit:

Do this Weather Scavenger Hunt

Weather Wiz Kids  
Weather Webquest Weather Scavenger Hunt Weather Crossword Weather Webquest:  

Weekly Science Pages:

WSP: 17 WSP: 18 WSP 19 WSP 20 WSP 21