Extra Credit Page:
The links listed below will take you websites where activites can be done.
Each activity explains what must be handed in and what the credit will count toward.

Click on the Names to go to that Web site.

Links to other websites are provided for
the educational benefit of the Lakota Community. For more information click
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1)  Good/fun practice games.
A) Complete activities for fun:
No extra credit

Create a Crossword to Challenge the Class... Using information from class or a topic of your choice, create a crossword to challenge our class. Remember, it must have "Clues" to count... .

Want to practice Math Facts?

Try some of these?

I know these: Math Facts page: Cool Frog

A) Create a "Mad Lib" type story and bring to class to share.  
Black History Scavenger Hunt:
 A) Print out this page and complete.
b)Use the web links to find the info.
C) Hand in completed.

Roller Coaster Scavenger Hunt

This Page will open up a Microsoft Word Document. Type your answers on and paste a picture in as well.

President's Scavenger Hunt
A) Read the page to learn what to do.
When finished, print page with  pictures.
Science Scavenger Hunt
Print this page. Use the links to answer as many questions as possible. I understand that some of the links may not work. Answer as many as possible. 
A) Print out the story and write the answer. Show your work. If you do it in your head, write down how you solved it. You must show me some math work.
Pattern Block Fun
The page will create  cool designs with pattern blocks: Exploer

Copy the questions down or cut and paste the questions into a word processor.

Click on the arrow in the box for the link to locate the answer. 
Using the found answer, in your own words, answer the question.
Print out the questions/answers and hand in.


 Caldecott Clues
Pick a week and find which Caldecott Medal book the clues refer to. Copy the clues for the week and include the title and author for the credit.


Tangram Games

Give The Puzzle a try. Excellent fun
Print the puzzle and bring to school.
Earn $1 per printed picture/puzzle


Animals In our World Scavenger Hunt:
Print the page, then using the URL's provided, complete the chart:



All about Me Scavenger Hunt
Print out question page, then using links provided to answer those question:

Copy questions down and find the answers using links provided:

Print out t he page of questions:

Click the link,

This will open a MS word document on your computer. Click on the blue links to find the anwer, type the answers in the correct location.When done Print!!

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