rr       Native American Projects          yy                

Block 1

Alexis B. - Southeast Aiden and Tyler: Great Plains Zane, Ryan and Corey Amelia's Project Sam's Project
Lauren B. - Northwest  Tyler and Kaleb: California Inter.                           Peyton B.                 Peter's Project Sean's Book
Jessica, Chi and  Kirsten Sean's Project Bryn and Katelyn
and 2
Connor and Jacob

Block 2

Mason and Patrick: Southwest Cara B.: Southwest Erica
Jacob and Ethan Zach and Cooper

Michelle and Taylor: Northwest Luke W. Katie and Megan Danah's Project Wahid and Grady
Vanessa Demi and Gracie Tommy, Caden and Adam's Movie Kyra, Peyton and Drew's Movie

Block 3

Cooper B: Northwest Lauren and Sydney: Great Plains Kylie C. and Aicha Great plains McKenna B. Kaden F:
Zach and Ryan:
Cooper B Brianna and Anna's
Ty and Aiden Caleb B.
Davis and Michael Kylie H, Jojo and Connors's Movie
Eddie and Aaron Emma and Ashley Marcus